About Creative Cakes


For those of you who have newly discovered Creative Cakes by Carol, this serves to give you a broad but brief outline about how it came to be.

What makes Creative Cakes a cut above the rest?

Creative Cakes combines fine art with a superb baking background, resulting in a very effective and diverse synergy of skills. The majority of our work is for kids birthday cakes and as we are armed with over 30 years experience, almost anything is possible.

What is Creative Cakes?

Creative Cakes by Carol is not an ordinary fly by night bakery nor is it a commercial concern - simply a small business driven by the passion for both baking and art all of which are carried out in person by the founder member and owner, Carol Burgers.

When did Creative Cakes start?

Strictly speaking, Carol was introduced to baking at a very early age (pre-school!!) by her mom who, apart from being an excellent cook and baker herself, produced some beautiful classic wedding cakes.

So where does Carol fit into this picture?

Carol was never personally inspired to bake or decorate wedding cakes as a youngster, but instead took great joy in experimenting with the fondant and as a very young teenager produced some outstanding sculptures which adorned many cakes of her siblings, family and friends! This passion and talent grew and grew over the years.

What about larger 3D cakes? Are they sculptured from icing?

No, they are sculptured from cake and then iced! Another specialty she has perfected to a "T"

What type of cakes does Carol bake?

Depending on the method of decoration, Carol can bake sponge, Madeira or fruit cakes.

What flavors are available?

Vanilla, Chocolate, chocolate/vanilla marble, strawberry/vanilla marble, orange, lemon, etc

What is the difference between a sponge cake and a madeira cake?

A sponge cake is soft and is suitable for flat cakes, also it has a shelf life of about two days. A Madeira cake is a firmer more textured cake, suitable for cake sculptures and has a shelf life of up to two weeks!!!

What makes Creative Cakes the better choice than other suppliers?

One of many reasons that makes choosing Creative Cakes by Carol the perfect choice for providing you with the cake of your dreams as an unlimited amount of themed "extras" to wow your guests and make your function one they will never ever forget! unequalled talent and excellence and professionalism spanning over 30 years that no other company can even attempt to offer.


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