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September 2010

Thursday, 30th


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June 2008

Tuesday, 10th

Hi Everyone!! Sorry that I have been a little scarce lately. All for good reason though! We have been upgrading the website. We has been very busy and I must say it is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT! We have added new recipes to the "best cake recipes" so go have a squizz and let me know what you think! It would be nice to include some of your favorite recipes, so do drop us an e-mail and let us have some of those recipes!

We are looking for a Pumpkin Pie Recipe, Please Help!!


Is there any American reader who has an extra special recipe for Pumpkin pie? I am so longing to try a real homemade version. In anticipation we have included a traditional South African favorite for Milk Tart (otherwise known as "Melktert") that you can try.

Some new additions added to my Cake Gallery

Several "new" cakes have been added to the cake gallery, so please do take a look and check out the new additions.

Our E-Book has gone to the printers!

The E-Book is currently at our publishers being printed! This is a very exciting time as we have been waiting in anticipation for quite some time to have this book available on shelves world wide.


Greetings from the US!

I am a beginner at cake decorating and I enjoyed looking at your gallery. It was very inspiring! I already have a question - What is "caster sugar"? And what is a "squizz"? As for the pumpkin pie recipe:

It has the most widely used traditional Pumpkin pie recipe in America.I look forward to seeing more of your cakes!P.S. Thankyou for the free cake recipes!

Eadie - USA

April 2008

Monday, 28th

The long-awaited Creative Cakes Blog is h-e-r-e at last. Through this Blog, I intend introducing you to a broad spectrum of cakes created by me. Due to public demand I will also be reporting back on special functions, parties and fund raising events that have featured memorable cakes supplied by Creative Cakes by Carol.

Apart from keeping you all posted on exciting new cakes I have made, there will also be table decorating tips, party ideas and suggestions for amazing party themes and so much more.

Your feedback is very important, so feel free to really become involved!

Watch this space - because from time to time there will be awesome competitions, information on fund raising raffles for those of you that would want to enter (the prizes, in all cases would always be wonderful, original CREATIVE CAKES .....) so keep checking my blog to avoid losing out!


There has been an overwhelming response to this e-book (which will be available as a hard copy very soon too, by the way!). The reviews I have had have been very positive and many folk have proudly sent in pictures of their first efforts at cake decorating and many of their letters were very touching and the cakes looked rather nice too!!

Until 30 APRIL 2008, the E-BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON SPECIAL AT ONLY R150! Which is an absolute bargain considering these are full step-by-step intructions to make 12 unique cakes, not to mention the hints, tips, unique techniques and icing effects which can be used in many other applications!


Just thought I would mention that the 12 cakes featured in the e-book were all donated to charities, recipients included a children's home in Vredendal, The Reach For a Dream Foundation and two cakes went to private homes with children from underprivileged backgrounds.


As this is a new Blog, I am including some information of a very successful previous fundraising event plus the press coverage both prior to the fundraiser and after .... there were very few dry eyes at the hand-over event I can assure you!

creative cakes

creative cakes

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Creative Cakes Charity Cakes

Animal related charities are my soft spot, and the following are some of my fund-raising dreams to make the world a better place for the "Paw" People

1. Helping the Guide Dog Association by sponsoring as many dogs as I can to be trained as Guide Dogs for the Blind

2. Helping the Blaauwberg Animal Trust raise funds towards their much needed animal shelter.

I will be adding more to my blog as least once a week, so please check back for more information, tips tricks and party ideas