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Adult Party Theme Cake


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Adult Party Theme Cakes

Still so-o Sexy at 75!

sexy adult cake

Sexy at 40

Adult party theme cakes are growing more and more popular these days - although I have had been receiving a steady flow of request for all sorts of contraptions and ideas since 1982! The sexy at 40 cake shown above is what I call a mild and humorous account of  a fantasy cake for a middle aged man in the form of a bevy of naked ladies draped all over the top and sides of the cake. The lady of his dreams takes centers stage and is by far the most glamorous piece offered on the cake. The other ladies are close friends or wives of the birthday boys pals. The base of the cake is decorated in a very diverse, and at times unflattering collections of pairs of naked breast of every colors, shape, size and conditions. One or two bare tattoos and another even supports a nipple ring.

These cakes, although intended for the over 18 market only – needs not be distasteful but should instead be humorous well planned and creative. For the “old lady” a similar cake can be made by replacing the nude ladies with virile young men sporting six packs and thongs if she is conservative and a little naughty. Otherwise as the saying goes “letting it all hang out” never harmed anyone.

A pair of naked breasts as a cake for a “boob man” of any age  makes an hysterical focal point for all adult party theme cakes. In addition each guest can receive a cellophane cupcake sporting a pair of boobs too. As a memento or simply a party favor booby prices can be awarded for the guy who gets the most pissed or simply makes the greatest tit of himself.

Hen parties are also fun and the party girl can be presented with a cake in the form of a huge erect male member. If you are skilled enough a tie can be added, or better a still a knot can be tied for one that is well endowed. This gives the ladies a good laugh and sets the mood for a fun filled evening to be sure!

Female organs have also been requested for adults party theme cakes although boobs are by far the more popular choice.  Naked bronze gods or goddesses are also popular – a naked girl or couple in an old fashions bathtub can make a conservatively cute but sexy cake without being to suggestive. Also if kids are to be present maybe a lady jumping out of a cake would be a better bet exposing her breast but protecting the rest of her. I have had one or two request for cartoon type characters “bonking”  based on the character for whom the cake was intended. I took care to make it amusing but still rather tasteful for example:

  • attention to detail
  • empty bottles of wine next to the bed
  • furry slippers
  • teddy bears turned around to face the wall
  • cat kicked off the bed
  • female with long socks and curlers
  • teeth in glass next to bed, etc.

Adults party themed cakes should be slightly “rude” but defiantly not crude and your party will be spoken about for years to come.


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