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Bronze Babe Cake


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bronze babe cake


This customised cake was specially baked for s sexy forty year old guy who loved his lady but was also a real "boob man". This scrumptious chocolate cake was baked and covered in a delicious chocolate fudge icing and decorated with colored fondant figures. The male character was based on a photograph of the birthday boy so he could relate to the scene depicted on the top of the customised cake.

A huge collection of boobs in all different shapes, sizes, colors and states or conditions adorned the border of the cake. There were melon shaped breasts, round breasts, wrinkled breasts, sun-burnt boobs showing a bikini tan, brown pert boobs, fried egg type - small boobs, rolled up had-a-lot-of kids-in my past boobs, to name but a few. The perfect pair of boobs on the top of the cake belonged to his lady and sported a nipple ring.