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Rasta Cake


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Sculptured Rasta Cake was Designed for a 21st Birthday Party as something fun


Why a Rasta Cake you'd like to say? It was made for a special 21st Birthday. Her son was a handful and liked to smoke weed, she decided a Rasta Cake was just what they need. The Rasta Birthday turned out quite a jol, with this Rasta Cake complete with a zol.


Some things to know about the Rastafarian religion:

The Rastafarian religion started off in Africa . It is often linked with the poorer black population of Jamaica . It is not just a religion, but a way of life. Rastafarians speak out against; poverty, cruelty and unfairness, not just religious ideas but global problems. Rastafarians will use the Holy Piby, the Kebra Nagast and the Bible (interpreted with a Rasta Soul) for guidance.