Creative Cakes - Book Testimonials


All the cakes below were made from the instructions taught in our Cake Decorating book:


noddy cake

Noddy Cake


"Thankyou so much for your assistance with the tips for making the Noddy Car Cake.


Everyone thought that I had bought the cake... when they realised I had made it myself they were surprised. When they had a slice of the cake they were even more pleasantly surprised that it was made by me it was yummy. (thanks to your Madeira Cake recipe). I cheated even more & instead of figurines I used a thin cardboard cut out of Noddy which believe it or not was a tag from my son's Noddy Pyjamas, then attached a toothpick to the back with cellotape and cut off the legs to the knees which made it look like Noddy was in the car! I took on board what you said to get creative!!! To my own surprise, I still can't believe I accomplished the cake, I still keep looking at the cake on our photos.


Thanks Again"


Rachel Lintern- Brisbane Australia

noddy cake
horse cake

Horse Cake


"Thanks again! It was great, and the kids (along with the parents) were sooooo impressed!   Thanks to your website and e-book, I felt like a genius!"


Michelle Sullivan - USA

horse cake
alien cake

Alien Spaceship Cake


"Wow! What fun I had making this cute cake.

I didn't think I could do this and it turned out AMAZING!

The kids went crazy - thank you soooo much for helping me make my boys birthday a success!"


Tarryn Coop - Cape Town, RSA

alien cake
classic cake

Classic Cake


"I decided to get creative and try a few of my own ideas on this cake and I must say, I was very impressed with the result. Thanks again!"


Colleen Stopford - Durban, RSA

barbie cake


Below are TWO cakes made by Sally-Anne (Melrose - SA). She applied the principles taught in my Book to create a beautiful Fairy Cake PLUS her own creation for a Superman Cake. Thanks Sally-Anne, we love these!

fairy cake

Fairy Cake


"Everyone was VERY impressed with my efforts and my children were absolutely DELIGHTED with their cakes, so thank you for your inspiration and your e-book – we look forward to the next edition!"


Sally-Anne Leisegang - Melrose, RSA

spiderman cake

Superman Cake


"I am thrilled with your e-book, thanks!"


Sally-Anne Leisegang - Melrose, RSA

mushroom cake

Mushroom and Train Cake


"I want to say a BIG thank you for such a wonderful book.  I’m really enjoying making cakes for friends and family!  I’ve started a little business from home and the responses I get from my customers are amazing!

Let me know when your second e-book will be available"


Adele Peterson - South Africa

ladybird cake


train cake

horse cake

Horse Cake