Creative Cakes - Workshop Testimonials


creative cakes workshops


"I must let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and enjoyed meeting others with the same interest. My husband was so impressed with my cakes. Thank you once again."


Cassandra Pillay


creative cakes workshops


"I am so pleased that I attended your cake decorating workshop. As a novice I was proud of what I produced at the end of the day.

Carol made decorating a cake so easy with her pleasant teaching method and informative step by step process.

I will definitely recommend your cake decorating workshop to my friends.


Thank you so much."


Jenny Zeeman

creative cakes workshops


"I felt Carol took my creative mind to a next level, specially with the teddy bears' picnic: if I knew that I had to sculpture a teddy bear and tea set before enrolling, I might have had second thoughts. I don’t think the level was to advanced, it would have been my perception beforehand. I definitely learned a lot more than I ever read on the internet or books that I bought.

The small handy tips are so useful, and since I have much more confidence in my creating that before. Carol is so natural in the way she is doing everything.


Thanks for a wonderful experience, and I will be in contact with you again. Please keep me updated if there are more courses to come, I will always be willing to extend my skills."


Marcelle Vosloo and Marthie le Roux


creative cakes workshops


"I enjoyed the workshop immensely yesterday and would love doing another one. When I got home with the cakes my boys asked if it was their birthday and if they can stick candles in the cake and blow them out. Dad could not believe his eyes either. He could not believe that I actually decorated the cakes myself, but thanks to the certificate I can prove to him that I actually did attend a workshop and that I did make the cakes myself. It was a brilliant experience and would not have traded the day for anything else! WOW I can be creative as well!!??




Louise Stevens

3d cake decorating classes


"It was such a pleasure meeting you today and I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop that my friends, Sybil, Lisa and myself attended. We could hardly get a word in edge-ways between us when we got home because of all of the ideas that you got flowing.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day and would LOVE to be kept informed of any future workshops that you may be hosting as we really would like to tap into your font of knowledge and expertise sometime again SOON. So many thanks again and I am looking forward to seeing you soon."


Stacy Edwards


creative cakes


"Thank you a lot I learned much more than I was expecting and am looking forward to the next workshop keep me posted. Wish you all the best"


Mirriam Mugodo

creative cakes


"I enjoyed the workshop very much and never thought I could be as creative as I was.  It was fun and exciting at the same time and would really recommend my friends and colleagues who have an interest in this to attend the workshop.

Will definitely keep my eye on your website to make sure I attend all other workshops that I find interesting.


Thanks to Carol for a wonderful experience and it was nice meeting both of you."


Charlene Evertson


creative cakes


"Thank you for a fantastic workshop today, you have no idea how thrilled my kids are with their cupcakes and dinosaur cake. (We're hiding the other one till next Sunday.) Not sure how we'll bring ourselves to cut any of them! My two year old has been trying for the past half an hour to figure out how to literally have his cake and eat it. I look forward to hearing about your next workshop."


Ola Basson

creative cakes


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I had been baking for a while, but was always weary of working with plastic icing. Attending this workshop has given me the confidence to expand my baking horizons and experiment and try new things.


Carol is a lovely lady and she is as excellent teacher. I would recommend any of her workshops."

Tasniem Boltman


creative cakes - cake workshop


"Carol is a gifted genius and, although it’s not cool to do so, I almost envy her. I wish both of you resounding success for the future.

The owners of the venue were friendly and charming and lunch was great – but I actually didn’t want to waste time eating!

I liked the interaction with the other women, especially those with great creativity, and I hope no one minds if one steals their ideas.

I would most certainly like to do another workshop!"


Marcia Michalitsianos
creative cakes - cake workshop


"I enjoyed the workshop and it was great fun, I learnt so much new things and how easy it is. I would love to attend more of the workshops in the future."  


Fatima Kara


creative cakes - cake workshop


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I actually attempted making my 2 year old's barney cake, which was the following day."


Nazeema Jogee
creative cakes - cake workshop


"The course was fabulous. I had so much fun! What I really loved was the fact that Carol uses all kinds of everyday stuff to create her fabulous cakes. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so I really appreciate her practicality and cost effective ideas. She makes everything seem simple.

It was a wonderful learning experience that I can highly recommend to my friends."


Andria Loots


creative cakes - cake workshop


"I totally digged the workshop! It certainly opened my mind to new ideas and exploring different methods of working with plastic icing. I feel like a kid again, playing with clay dough but now its 10 times better coz it can be eaten :) and mum can't say anything about taking too long with a cake "you can't rush art mum!" I am now a fondant junky lol."


Mieshkah Miller

"Thanks very much for this new and additional info I received. How I wish I could attend your workshops. Since distance is the big hindrance, I just have to be contented with the pics shown after your workshops and what your learners have achieved after.

Hope you still continue to enlighten me with more knowledge in the near future.
I'll look up for availability of your book in our local stores here.

Thanks again!"


Beth Jumamil, USA